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May 20, 2022Update from MR
Feb 18, 2021Can't Make A Video Meeting? Don't Miss It - Use Zoomcorder to Send Snoop Dogg Instead
Jul 07, 2020Is the Spotify Deal With Joe Rogan Illegal?
Jun 12, 2020Why I’m Not Wearing A Mask
Apr 03, 2020Social Distancing Doesn't Have to Be Lonely - Can Help
Aug 11, 2015Playing College Basketball Will Make You 6 Inches Taller (Or Why College Attendance Is Worth Close To Zero).
Apr 23, 2015Turn The World of Radio Into A Personal Jukebox
Oct 28, 2014Students Shouldn't Have To Pay For School Transcripts And Now They Don't In One San Diego Suburb
Sep 09, 2014Is Your Kid Paying For Parking To Go To High School? Here's How To Challenge It.
Aug 12, 2014How the Government Invisibly Tracks Smartphones
Jul 01, 2014It's Not Just the NSA, Your Local Police Are Probably Spying On You Too
Jan 20, 2014Why I'm Glad Net Neutrality Is Dead
Nov 20, 2013My Dog Can Get A MRI In 2 Hours, Why Can't I?
Nov 04, 2013Introducing The World's First Radio Search Engine
Jul 24, 2013Is the Domain Name Worth Millions?
Jun 11, 2013Besides Tracking Your Every Move Online, The Government Is Tracking Where You Travel - We're All Under Investigation By The Government All The Time
Apr 24, 2013Hey NBA Commish - Replace Boring Jump Ball With a Challenge Ball
Feb 12, 2013Friendship is Magic
Dec 20, 2012Crowd Sourcing Protection
Dec 10, 2012ACTUAL Stats for radio business and they're very revealing!
Nov 20, 2012Radio Hooks-up With Twitter And UberTalk Is Their Love Child
Nov 05, 2012The Tax Wolf in Bond Clothing
Oct 08, 2012Take a ride on the
Sep 27, 2012Radio Stations Are Dead - It's All About The Content - Introducing UberTalk
Jun 26, 2012Download AM/FM Radio Shows To Smartphones & Tablets As MP3s Using
Jun 01, 2012Zynga is a Ville-ain
May 01, 2012MP3tunes Files For Bankruptcy Protection
Apr 05, 2012YouTube Prevails (with a Little Help from MP3tunes & Veoh), But Get Do-over On Other Issues
Apr 03, 2012Skydiving with the US Army
Mar 14, 2012The MegaConspiracy is a MegaTravesty of Justice
Feb 27, 2012Screwed FOREVER Artist List (Is Your Favorite Artist On It?)
Dec 12, 2011Why Spotify can never be profitable: The secret demands of record labels
Dec 06, 2011The Myth of the Underpaid Teacher
Nov 17, 2011More Clouds of Music - Why Use MP3tunes?
Oct 25, 2011EMI Loses Again, Maybe An Unlimited Legal Budget Isn't Such A Good Thing
Oct 12, 2011Facebook - Learning Tricks From Record Labels
Oct 05, 2011Will Radio Learn From TV? Maybe Not...
Sep 20, 2011The Smart Phone Killed The Car Radio
Aug 22, 2011Eavesdrop On The Day the Music DJ Died
Aug 22, 2011A 99% Victory in EMI v MP3tunes
Aug 17, 2011Will a Strategy Work With Radio Shows on
Jul 22, 2011Is College Worth It?? Help?!
Jun 29, 2011Jury Finds Kevin Carmony and Chad Olson Liable for Fraud and Conspiracy
May 18, 2011The First Talk Radio Radio - Making Every Talk Radio Show Available On Demand
May 12, 2011Teacher's Union Deception - Propaganda to Get More Money
May 05, 2011YouTube Legal Battle With Viacom Ain't Over
May 05, 2011Behind The Scenes: Record Label Demands From Amazon
Apr 21, 2011The Sinkhole Which Doesn't Sync - Amazon's Cloud Music
Mar 29, 2011Amazon Throws Down With The Major Record Labels
Mar 24, 2011Apple You DIDN'T Invent the App Store!
Mar 21, 2011My Trip To SXSW, New Music Technology & New Bands
Feb 23, 2011Introducing - Your Digital AUDIO Recorder
Feb 18, 2011Pandora Turns Down $550 Million To Go Public
Feb 04, 2011A Fascinating Case... Decision Reserved
Jan 24, 2011Sides Line Up For Jan. 28th Showdown Over Music Lockers
Jan 20, 2011Martha Stewart Gets Bamboozled By Detox "Doc"
Dec 06, 2010YouTube Battle Over Music Search & Storage
Nov 16, 2010Prepare To Get Naked With
Nov 09, 2010Google Buys Gizmo5: A Look Back
Oct 28, 2010The World's Smartest Dog
Oct 18, 2010Waiting for Superman - Misperceptions about American Schools
Sep 30, 2010Protecting Kids - Avoiding the Worst Teachers in LA
Sep 21, 2010MP3tunes Asks Judge To Allow For "Youtube Defense"
Aug 19, 2010When Will Microsoft, Apple and Google Do Music Lockers?
Aug 12, 2010I Want The Same Power As Steve Jobs
Aug 03, 2010Apple Quietly Enables Online Streaming To iPhones, iPad and iTouch
Jul 19, 2010iTunes Music On Any TV (Without A Home Server!)
Jul 12, 2010Making Apple And Google Play Nicely Together
Jul 01, 2010Gates and Buffett Have It Wrong
Jun 25, 2010Youtube Wins - MP3tunes (and Apple?) Cheer
Jun 17, 2010The Crowd As Our Legal Team
Jun 08, 2010I've Got Pandora Envy
May 26, 2010The World's First Internet Boombox
May 20, 2010Sad Saga of Floyd Landis
May 12, 2010Measure Your Education Spending IQ
May 05, 2010Death of Lala and the 10 Cent Web Song
Apr 28, 2010A Billion Taco Vending Machines = Bigger Taco Industry
Apr 20, 2010Mission Possible - Store The World's Music
Mar 30, 2010The Experiment
Mar 04, 2010Why Android Will Triumph Over iPhone
Feb 16, 2010Will Internet DVR Be Banned In Singapore?
Jan 21, 2010Apple's Secret Cloud Strategy And Why Lala Is Critical
Jan 06, 2010Here's My Mobile Number
Dec 14, 2009Will Apple Bury Lala's 10 Cent Songs?
Nov 12, 2009Google Acquires Gizmo5
Sep 25, 2009Cloud Music On Your iPhone, iPod touch and Android Phone
Sep 14, 2009EMI You Lie
Aug 25, 2009What I'm Excited About
Aug 04, 2009A Free Phone Line Using Google and Gizmo5
Jul 27, 2009Cartoon Network Opens Door For Wave of New Business Opportunities
Jul 08, 2009Sadly, Pandora Is Still Going Bankrupt
Jul 01, 2009Vote for the Craziest Digital Music Ideas Ever
Jun 15, 2009Legal Update on Personal Lockers
Jun 02, 2009Obama OKs Network DVR And Hints At Music Locker
May 29, 20096 Ways To Save Money On Communication
May 19, 2009The American Idol Winner Is....
May 05, 2009Lala Admits To Using Network DRM
Apr 20, 2009Roach Motel For Your Music (The New DRM Threat)
Mar 30, 2009Subprime-like Mortgages Forcing Music Companies Into Bankruptcy
Mar 23, 2009OpenSky 2.0 SIP for Skype
Mar 09, 2009A Tivo For YouTube - DownloadHelper
Feb 24, 2009Who Is Ryan Sit And Why Is EMI Suing Him?
Feb 09, 2009Building a Bridge to Skype Island with OpenSkyXX
Jan 28, 2009Music Search Engines Under Attack
Jan 20, 2009Will Obama Outlaw Your Tivo?
Jan 14, 2009CES 2009 Highlights: Music Everywhere, NextGen TV, 3D
Jan 06, 2009Open Letter to Doug Merrill, President Digital Strategy, EMI
Dec 19, 2008iPods Are Dying - Tuneroom Powers Next Gen MP3 Players
Dec 15, 2008Phone Calls In Your Browser -
Dec 04, 2008MP3tunes Files Counterclaims Against EMI (How You Can Help)
Nov 05, 2008Battle for MP3 Store Supremacy (AmazonMP3, Napster, Walmart, etc.)
Oct 29, 2008How Major Labels Try To Overwhelm Startups
Oct 22, 2008Lala Revisited
(Or Will The Music Industry Ever Treat Paying Customers Right?)
Oct 10, 2008Use Skype - Go Directly To A Chinese Prison
Oct 02, 2008EMI Loses Case - I Get To Keep My Minivan
Sep 23, 2008Turn Your Mobile Phone Into A MP3 Player
Sep 04, 2008Cloud Loading With SyncWizard
Aug 05, 2008Cloud Video Is Legal, How About Cloud Music?
Jul 28, 2008Preparing for a life after Pandora with PiMP
Jul 10, 2008 It's Getting Cloudy in the Technology Business
Jul 02, 2008Xandros Buys Linspire
Jun 11, 2008The Record Labels Want My Minivan
May 27, 2008$20 Million Dollar Experiment to See if You'll Rent a Song for 10 Cents
May 19, 2008Napster Goes MP3 With a Big Catalog But 8 Years Too Late
May 06, 2008College Myths
May 01, 2008World's Smallest Wifi Phone - Nokia 6300i (and yes, it runs Gizmo5!)
Apr 23, 2008Defend Your Digital Rights - Support MP3tunes
Apr 14, 2008Fast IM, SMS, and Email on ANY mobile phone/PC in one program - Gizmo5
Mar 26, 2008Court Ruling Denies EMI Access to Millions of Personal MP3 Files
Mar 14, 2008EMI vs Google, AOL, Microsoft (The Entire Internet)
Mar 06, 2008Everyone Shouldn't Go To College
Feb 25, 2008Why "My Yahoo" Ain't Really "My"
Feb 14, 2008Letter to College Board Asking For Clarification/Corrections
Feb 07, 2008Microsoft + Yahoo = IM Giant, Plus MySpace Goes GPL
Feb 05, 2008Dealipedia - The Business Wiki Now Open For Business
Jan 23, 2008Backdoor Dialing - Free Calling to Millions of US Phones
Jan 11, 2008RIAA and EMI - All Your Music Are Belong To Us
Dec 19, 2007Imeem Gets License And Death Sentence
Dec 13, 2007SIPphone Becomes Gizmo5 - Now For Your Mobile Phone Too
Dec 06, 2007Your Music on the Wii, PS3, Windows Mobile and More!
Nov 14, 2007Behind The Scenes - EMI Sues MP3tunes
Oct 10, 20072008 - Year of MP3, Demise of Windows Media, TuneWatch
Sep 24, 2007My Business Failure - AnywhereCD
Sep 20, 2007The $10,000 Music API Challenge
Sep 10, 2007Your Computer. Leave Home Without It - ajaxWindows
Sep 06, 20079 Things an iPhone Can't Do
Aug 16, 2007Freespire 2.0 - Finally Multimedia Friendly Linux
Jun 28, 2007Battle of the Buttons - Will the iPhone Succeed?
Jun 08, 2007How the New Lala Service Operates - A Deeper Look
Jun 07, 2007Why Buy CDs From Amazon When You Can Buy MP3 Albums??
May 31, 2007Infinity Times Infinity - Telephone Numbers Should Be Free
Apr 27, 2007Forcing Honest People To Be Dishonest
Apr 25, 2007Squeezing My Music
Apr 12, 2007MP3 is Back!
Mar 08, 2007GizmoSMS - Free SMS To Any Mobile Phone
Feb 12, 2007Unlimited Storage Free Music Lockers
Feb 08, 2007MR's Response To Steve Jobs' Call For MP3
Jan 30, and My Strategy for Zero Cost Calls
Jan 19, 2007Apple Wiffs With iPhone, 'er aPhone
Dec 15, 2006Before You Order Office 2007, Try ajaxPresents
Dec 07, 2006The Biggest Gamble of Your Life (Is College Worth it?)
Nov 20, 2006My Hero Dies
Nov 01, 2006Next Generation Music Locker - Oboe 2.0
Oct 05, 2006Getting Zuned
Aug 24, 2006Give Me Your Tired, Your Poor, Your Huddled MP3s Yearning to Breathe Free
Jul 31, 2006My $100K Offer to Floyd Landis
Jul 26, 2006Call The Pope For Free
Jul 19, 2006Wi-Fi Waves Bouncing Everywhere
Jun 29, 2006Diet Soda and Your Music Going Flat!
May 18, 2006Gizmo Project 2.0* (That's the GOOD kind of Asterisk)
May 09, 2006TiVo Becomes A Music Machine Courtesy of MP3tunes
May 05, 2006Desktop Linux Summit Report
Apr 28, 2006ajaxTunes - The Everywhere Mini Music Player
Apr 13, 2006Halfway to ajax-Excel. Introducing ajaxXLS 0.5
Apr 05, 2006Editing video in your browser? Try eyespot - the AJAX video editor
Mar 29, 2006502,174 Documents Can't Be Wrong. Next Up ajaxSketch
Mar 22, 2006Bye Bye Microsoft Word, Hello ajaxWrite
Feb 23, 2006Sideload 101
Feb 15, 2006Area775 - Free US Telephone Number Links Mobile and VoIP Worlds
Feb 09, 2006Where I'm Spending My Time
Jan 18, 2006Google and SIPphone Lead The Way To Saner World
Jan 12, 2006CES 2006 Picks and Pans
Jan 05, 2006Locker Envy
Dec 12, 2005Your Christmas Gift Inside - 1¢ Per Minute Calling
Dec 07, 2005More on Oboe
Nov 30, 2005Unfinished Business - Oboe
Nov 23, 2005Five Reasons Why Sony Rootkit Is Good For You
Nov 17, 2005Moving from Geekland to the Mainland with CompareSoft
Nov 08, 2005The Boy Who Couldn't Ride A Bike
Oct 18, 2005DVD Jon and Oboe
Oct 10, 2005 Join the Federation To Take Back IM!
Sep 30, 2005 Brother, Bonds, Title, Lance
Sep 22, 2005Would You Send Your Mom To Jail To Make Money?
Sep 12, 2005$4 Billion In Savings For Businesses
Sep 07, 2005#$%@ Kill Google!
Aug 23, 2005Google Opens Talks To The World
Aug 17, 2005All About GUPS
Jul 27, 2005I'd Like To Teach The World To Sync, In Perfect Harmony
Jul 14, 2005March of the Penguins
Jul 08, 20058 Observations from Live 8
Jun 30, 2005Skype Bad, Gizmo Good
Jun 24, 2005Legal Battles In VOIP: Vonage and e911
Jun 15, 2005What's our purpose in life?
Jun 08, 2005Apple's Colossal Disappointment
Jun 02, 2005Get Creative to Snag Some Swag
May 26, 2005No Nonsense Linux
May 12, 2005$100 Muffin Stumps
May 05, 2005Why It's A Mistake For Brazil To Build Their Own Linux
Apr 28, 2005You Own Nothing
Apr 21, 2005Linspire in EU (No lawsuits this time)
Apr 14, 2005Defying Gravity
Apr 07, 2005Watch a Linux TV Commercial
Mar 31, 2005Why the Supreme Court is Irrelevant on P2P
Mar 24, 2005What the world is saying about Linspire Five-0
Mar 16, 20053 Years and $20 Million to Linspire Five-0!
Mar 09, 2005The Man In The Balloon
Mar 03, 2005BudgetBeamer and Mystery Songs Revealed
Feb 24, 2005Introducing MP3beamer! (Get a $399 unit for free if you're first to identify one of 3 songs!)
Feb 17, 2005Desktop Summit - Highlights and Lowlights
Feb 07, 2005I Want My MP3!
Feb 01, 2005Seven Sexy Summit Secrets
Jan 26, 2005Get out those dictionaries! (Plus 4 other ways you can help)
Jan 19, 2005Michael's Minute: Phone Calls Want To Be Free
Jan 12, 2005Michael's Minute: Predictions for 2005
Jan 05, 200510 **MUST SEES** at the Desktop Summit Feb 9-11th 2005
Dec 29, 2004A Christmas Story
Dec 14, 2004Open Bid For Netherlands Government (Or how to save 150 million euros)
Dec 13, 2004Wal-Mart Selling a $498 Linspire Laptop
Dec 08, 2004My Date With IRMA
Dec 02, 2004Thanksgiving Day Leftovers
Nov 22, 2004Cracking the Monopoly Like A Walnut Using OOoFf!
Nov 17, 2004The Secret Behind Windows Media
Nov 11, 2004I'm certifiable
Nov 04, 2004Who Let The Source Out? OOoFf! OOoFf!
Oct 28, 2004Searching Gets Hot for Linspire
Oct 22, 2004The $100 PC? No Chance in Hell Without L
Oct 13, 2004Raising Some L
Oct 07, 2004Why Linspire 5.0 may be outlawed in the United States
Oct 01, 2004A Minute on Minutes
Sep 23, 2004College for Everyone
Sep 15, 2004Deviant Behavior
Sep 09, 2004Technical Deceit
Sep 02, 2004Dell, The Last Domino
Aug 26, 2004Ads for Desktop Linux Coming To A TV Near You!
Aug 19, 2004Blogging and the last
Aug 12, 2004It Will Start, But Will It Go?
Aug 04, 2004Roy's Story
Jul 27, 2004On The Road (What's In My Bag)
Jul 19, 2004Come on Baby Run Linspire
Jul 14, 2004Where Were You?
Jul 06, 2004Linspire Computers Now Available Throughout EU
Jun 23, 2004The First Domino Falls in Toronto, Canada
Jun 16, 2004Despite Microsoft, Desktop Linux Begins to Take Hold in Japan
Jun 09, 2004Linux Shootout
Jun 02, 2004Bill - I don't want your $1,158
May 27, 2004Fear And Loathing Fueling The Virus Revolt
May 20, 2004What's in My Dell DJ
May 12, 2004Free International Calling from a SIPphone
May 05, 2004Lphoto: A 2nd Try at Photo Album Software
Apr 29, 2004I'd like a Chevy Cavalier
Apr 19, 2004Lsongs and Lphoto
Apr 14, 2004Linspire
Apr 06, 2004Name Change
Apr 01, 2004The Linux Dilemma
Mar 25, 2004Two New Products - Call-in-One, Enterprise Assessment Kit
Mar 18, 2004Send Us Name Ideas
Mar 09, 2004Can I Answer My Phone Without Paying 100,000 Euro?
Mar 04, 20042004 Predictions
Feb 27, 2004Mark Your Calendars For April 22-23rd
Feb 18, 2004Spinning, Laddering, and Shorting (or, What's Wrong with our IPO System)
Feb 11, Wins Two Big Rulings
Feb 06, 2004Factoids About
Jan 29, Does P2P
Jan 22, 2004Disagree with Linus
Jan 15, 2004Linux for $12.50 a Week
Jan 07, 2004My Movie of the Year
Dec 30, 2003A year well-spent
Dec 22, 2003The CEO Challenge
Dec 16, 2003Something for Your Stocking
Dec 06, 2003Red-eye to Amsterdam
Dec 03, 2003New & Improved Linux - 40% Better
Nov 25, 2003Wacky International Expansion
Nov 18, 2003Digital Museum Burns to the Ground
Nov 11, 2003Microsoft Corp. vs. Inc. - Get out your slingshot!
Nov 05, 2003Michael Jordan Retires, Baseball Survives
Oct 29, 2003Nvu and Other Great Software You've Never Heard About
Oct 21, 2003The World's Most Dangerous Virus
Oct 14, 2003Save $400 on Your Next Office Suite
Oct 06, 2003Bienvenido a LindowsOS
Sep 30, 2003My Response To Microsoft Re: MSfreePC
Sep 23, 2003Fluoride in the Water
Sep 16, 2003An MSfreePC Future
Sep 10, 2003The Phone Will Never Be The Same
Sep 04, 2003Tipping Point - PC Club
Aug 28, Goes Suit and Tie
Aug 19, 2003Solutions
Aug 13, 2003Need to Consult?
Aug 06, 2003KooBox - The World's Most Affordable Computer!
Jul 29, 2003Japan and Video
Jul 22, 2003Got Web Work and $169? Get a "WebStation"
Jul 16, 2003How Friendly is it?
Jul 10, 2003The Easiest and Quickest Way Ever to Experience Linux!
Jun 27, 2003Wife Tested, Mother Approved
Jun 24, 20034.0 Where to Get Yours.
Jun 19, 2003Michael's Minute: Microsoft Is Right (Until Next Tuesday)
Jun 12, 2003Michael's Minute: More Options for LindowsOS 4.0
Jun 05, 2003Michael's Minute: How to Buy Microsoft Windows XP for $50
May 27, 2003Gates at my Alma Mater
May 16, 2003LindowsOS 4.0 - Better than XP
May 06, 2003Change is Good
Apr 30, 2003Microsoft and Apple Sell Out Music Fans
Apr 23, 2003No More White Box Blues
Apr 17, 2003Why Desktop Linux Sucks, Today.
Apr 09, 2003A Legal Victory: We Got Our Slingshot
Apr 01, 2003Michael's Minute: One Phone? One TV? One Computer???
Mar 27, 2003Shortest Distance Between 2 Objects Is A Click
Mar 19, 2003Is Intel's "Centrino" Techno-Latin for "No Linux?"
Mar 11, 20033 Questions
Mar 04, 2003Guest Starring Glen Kowalchuk
Feb 24, 2003Desktop Linux Summit Awards
Feb 19, 2003Michael's Minute: LindowsFamily and $799 Mobile PC
Feb 11, 2003Sneak Peak
Feb 05, 2003Choice is Coming!
Jan 28, 2003Mini-PCs are here - make your first one a Lindows Media Computer
Jan 22, 2003Duck...
Jan 15, 2003You Don't Need an Education to Know Value.
Jan 06, 2003What's in store for 2003
Dec 17, 2002Call me a Sissy All You Want!
Dec 10, 2002Last Minute Gift Ideas from
Dec 03, 2002LindowsOS 3.0 - Just How Good Is It?
Nov 25, 2002Get A Discount On Microsoft(R) Windows XP When You Buy LindowsOS(TM)
Nov 19, 2002Critical Milestone For Choice On The Desktop
Nov 12, 2002Tablet PCs & LindowsOS
Nov 04, 2002Accomplishing What The Courts Cannot
Oct 28, 2002Sun, Work, Fun
Oct 22, 2002LindowsOS General Release Right Around the Corner
Oct 14, 2002Open Letter to Steve Ballmer, Chief Executive Officer Microsoft Corp
Oct 08, 2002Legal Update & LindowsOS 2.0 Press Reviews
Sep 30, Michael's Minutes: LindowsOS 2.0 Feedback
Sep 23, 2002Why 35 Million AOL Users Should Buy A LindowsOS Computer
Sep 17, 2002Choice Just Got Better...LindowsOS 2.0 Now Available
Sep 09, 2002Michael's Minute: Predictions
Aug 29, 2002Michael's Minute: Breaking the Monopoly of the Mind
Aug 19, 2002Michael's Minute: Gold On The Moon
Aug 12, 2002The $199 PC, Microsoft Corp. v., Update
Aug 06, 2002Michael's Minute: License and Registration Please
Jul 23, 2002Michael's Minute: It All Began With One Lone Server.....
Jul 16, 2002StarOffice - So is it really Microsoft® Office Compatible? July 16, 2002
Jul 11, 2002Tapping the Energy that Seeks Change... July 11, 2002
Jul 02, 2002Do the Math...Dispel the Myths --July 2, 2002
Jun 26, Report Card - June 26, 2002
Jun 16, 2002Wal-Mart, Warehouse, $299, Wow - June 17, 2002
Jun 12, 2002Revolutionizing Refrigerators – Star Trek Style- June 12, 2002
Jun 04, 2002The Broadband OS - LindowsOS SPX - June 4, 2002
May 29, 2002Inside the Insider’s Program -May 29, 2002
May 07, 2002Better Than a Pair of Old Gym Shoes - May 7, 2002
May 01, 2002Is the Insider Program Right for You?
Apr 23, 2002A Million Windows? - April 23, 2002
Apr 22, 2002What is Click-N-Run? - April 18th, 2002
Apr 08, 2002LindowsOS Sneak Preview 2 - Now Playing- April 8, 2002
Apr 03, 2002The Desk Theory - April 3, 2002
Mar 18, 2002Microsoft Loses Courtroom Battle Over Windows Trademark -March 18, 2002
Mar 12, 2002Hard at work ... Sneak Preview 2 - 12 March 2002
Feb 14, 2002Legal Update - 14th Feb 2002
Jan 31, 2002Our Sneak Preview is no longer vaporware - 4th Feb 2002
Jan 14, 2002Help US With Our Defense Against the Microsoft Lawsuit - 14th Jan 2002
Jan 03, 2001 Wrap-up - 31st Dec 2001
Dec 31, 2001Why - 12th Dec 2001

record radio; how to record Internet radio

Update from MR
Can't Make A Video Meeting? Don't Miss It - Use Zoomcorder to Send Snoop Dogg Instead
Is the Spotify Deal With Joe Rogan Illegal?
Why I’m Not Wearing A Mask
Social Distancing Doesn't Have to Be Lonely - Can Help
Playing College Basketball Will Make You 6 Inches Taller (Or Why College Attendance Is Worth Close To Zero).
Turn The World of Radio Into A Personal Jukebox
Students Shouldn't Have To Pay For School Transcripts And Now They Don't In One San Diego Suburb
Is Your Kid Paying For Parking To Go To High School? Here's How To Challenge It.
How the Government Invisibly Tracks Smartphones
It's Not Just the NSA, Your Local Police Are Probably Spying On You Too
Why I'm Glad Net Neutrality Is Dead
My Dog Can Get A MRI In 2 Hours, Why Can't I?
Introducing The World's First Radio Search Engine
Is the Domain Name Worth Millions?
Besides Tracking Your Every Move Online, The Government Is Tracking Where You Travel - We're All Under Investigation By The Government All The Time
Hey NBA Commish - Replace Boring Jump Ball With a Challenge Ball
Friendship is Magic
Crowd Sourcing Protection
ACTUAL Stats for radio business and they're very revealing!
Radio Hooks-up With Twitter And UberTalk Is Their Love Child
The Tax Wolf in Bond Clothing
Take a ride on the
Radio Stations Are Dead - It's All About The Content - Introducing UberTalk
Download AM/FM Radio Shows To Smartphones & Tablets As MP3s Using

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