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Next Generation Music Locker - Oboe 2.0

This week MP3tunes is announcing our next generation music locker - Oboe 2.0 which you can try out with a free music locker. Ten months ago we announced our first Oboe music locker. Since then, we have stored tens of millions of songs and more than 100 terabytes of music. I have been surprised that music locker competitors have not come along, but I guess they are all focused on the crowded video opportunity. [Note to entrepreneurs: If everyone is doing it, you're either wrong or too late.] As the CEO of MP3tunes, my job is to predict where the music locker business will trend and be the first to build an uncatchable lead on the eventual competition.

Here's a list of new features in Oboe 2.0 that take the music locker to a whole new level.

Music Goes Visual - Album artwork is now auto-added to all your music. Listening to your music with a visual track enlivens the playback experience enormously, but it's been difficult to get artwork for all of your music. The new Oboe Sync automatically searches for cover art and adds it to your entire existing library (not just the newly added songs).

There's also a new locker interface which displays album art while playing your music. See sample below. We've added graphic output it to the API so expect other interfaces to take advantage of this graphic playback option.

I have to admit that I was bummed when Apple announced a couple weeks ago that iTunes 7 would add artwork since we have been working on this for quite a while. The good news is that we do a much more thorough job of adding the artwork. iTunes only locates exact matches of albums that are available in their store. Our system uses fuzzy logic to locate artwork from much larger sources so you may not even have an album name, but we'll likely find the correct album cover. This means that whether you're downloading from the net, ripping your own CDs or buying your tracks from online vendors, you should always have a high rate of success.

Album Cover Matching

Oboe 2.0

iTunes 7

Incorrect Matches
No Matches

These are just an average of a few music lockers we examined. My personal test produced a 38% match with iTunes versus 92% with Oboe, but I don't buy digitally restricted songs from iTunes. iTunes customers will likely see higher success than 38%.

More Syncing Features - The number one requested feature was more control over syncing to and from lockers and Oboe 2.0 adds loads of new features around syncing. This week I flew to NYC from my home in San Diego on business. The night before my trip I scheduled a sync to happen in the middle of the night. When I woke up I had a fresh snapshot of my music including the recent playlists I had compiled for the long flight to the east coast. All of this was done without swamping my home network during the day.

Those with big lockers or small hard disks will appreciate selective syncing which lets you easily sync up or down a portion of your music collection. You can also select specific artists or albums to move. One handy feature is that as you select music the system indicates how much space the move will take.

Virtual MP3 Player With Every Locker - Every MP3tunes locker now comes with your choice of a virtual MP3 player so you can listen anywhere with an interface that suits you. With a few clicks at AnywhereMP3, your music locker will pop-up in seconds on any computer with your choice of a classic mp3 player interface, a PDA, a mobile phone or even a futuristic Bune interface. Unlike in the real world, these virtual devices can't get dropped and the battery will never die.

AnywhereMP3 was built by a non-MP3tunes employee using our public APIs which lets any software, web site or device access a personal music locker. Check out the Developer tab on our main page for more info on how to build your own software or hardware device. Beyond virtual MP3 players, we're also hard at work with several manufacturers to make music appliances work seamlessly with your Oboe 2.0 locker. Imagine being able to turn on a sub-$200 device and have it wirelessly connect to your locker and play your albums, artists and playlists. Hardware takes more time to roll out because of manufacturing constraints than software, but we expect several models to be released in the next few months. Oboe locker owners will be notified in advance, so sign up for your free locker today to be the first to see and hear the next generation music locker.

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