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A Billion Taco Vending Machines = Bigger Taco Industry

A Billion Taco Vending Machines

Imagine a world where there's a billion taco vending machines. Everywhere you went there would be a machine that with a click of a button you could instantly buy a hot juicy taco. Even if you aren't a Mexican food fan you'd give into a the occasional hunger pang and buy some tortilla wrapped goodness. The taco industry would relish the opportunity and undoubtedly see a growth spike. The technology doesn't exist to have instant tacos, but it does for music and it's more practical than most realize.

Most people don't know that Android phones come with a fully stocked MP3 store which is powered by Amazon where most songs are $0.99. Amazon MP3 Look for a pre-installed icon named either Amazon MP3 or MP3 Store depending on your phone model. Buying a song is as easy as doing a search, clicking the buy button and entering in your Amazon password. Then the song is downloaded over whatever network connection your phone has (Edge, 3G, wifi). It is added to your local phone's music library but it's stuck on your phone until you remember to cable it up to your computer, find the song, and copy it to your PC. Rarely do you remember to do it. What's needed is automatic way to get music off the phone and MP3tunes has an industry first solution - wireless syncing to the cloud of your music.

The new MP3tunes app for Android it makes it a snap to send purchased track to your personal library directly from your phone - without cables. To do this, open the free MP3tunes app on an Android phone. (Fig. 2) Then select Local music which displays all the songs stored on your phone. Select a song and then choose Upload and the song will be transmitted to your music locker. (Fig. 3) Once loaded it will be permanently in your library where it can be automatically downloaded to your PCs/laptops or streamed from any iPhone, Android, iPad, or internet radio. The song is permanently stored so even if you pull a "Gray Powell" and leave your phone on a bar stool you'll still have your music.

The beauty of this approach is that you can buy a song the moment it hits you using just your phone and the song can be wirelessly transmitted to your personal storage. If I'm in a bar, listening to the radio or with a friend who makes a recommendation I can instantly buy the song and send it to my personal collection.

Tip: If the song is playing but you don't know the artist or title use the free music identification program called Shazam which listens to 15 seconds of the audio and like magic identifies the track. (Fig. 1)

Figure 1.
MP3tunes on Android
Figure 2.
Figure 3.

Some in the music industry may question the economic impact of cloud music, but I think it's a great opportunity to turn every device into a vending machine.

Music is such a spur-of-the-moment emotional experience that if people hear a song and can get it with one click they will (if it's easy). If every phone is a vending machine that's a few billion more retail outlets to take the place of the vanishing record stores. Even a small conversion could yield meaningful revenue to the industry. If you've got an Android phone get a music locker and then the MP3tunes application and give it a try!

NOTE: We would like to offer wireless syncing for the iPhone/Touch/Pad, but currently this is not permitted by Apple. You can still use the MP3tunes application on these devices (called Airband) to stream your music wirelessly.


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