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Wife Tested, Mother Approved

LindowsOS 4.0 has been available for purchase for about a week now, and I wanted to take this chance to let you know what other people have been saying about our latest release.

Ziff Davis' ExtremeTech got a hold of LindowsOS 4.0 and their verdict was a '9 out of 10,'

"[LindowsOS 4.0] stands as a good example of what's really possible for Linux on the desktop. We recommend Lindows for users or businesses that want an easy-to-use desktop OS that is comfortable for anyone to use – even complete newbies to Linux."...

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The reviewer even sat his mom down in front of the LindowsOS computer and...

"...offered no help, no assistance and no advice on how to use Lindows."
The article reports that LindowsOS 4.0 "passed the mom test," and even has a picture of the reviewer's mom in front of the LindowsOS computer, giving it a thumbs up.

CNET News wrote this last week in an article called Lindows tackles spam, pop-up ads, that...

"Lindows is one of the most prominent players in a growing movement to establish Linux as a viable option for mainstream consumers."

Tux Reports hailed LindowsOS in their review...

"This is the best desktop OS we've seen to date...We congratulate on producing an excellent product. You've earned our respect with this King of the Desktop."

And in the forums, praise for LindowsOS 4.0 was easy to find. Here are just a few of the many typical posts about 4.0 from those who have downloaded LindowsOS 4.0 and posted their comments on our forums...

"4.0 is working FLAWLESSLY for me on two different machines.
I repeat, FLAWLESSLY!!  I think Lindows is definitely moving in the right direction with this release and yes I think it was absolutely ready for prime time."

"I LOVE 4.0!!!! works GREAT!!!  -- it has been running non stop since Monday with out a hitch!!"
"The first version of LOS I used was Sneak Preview 2 (SP2). I just installed LOS 4.0 today and I was blown away.  LOS has gone light years in a year and a half!  I feel that 4.0 is finally the LindowsOS that I liked enough to blow away my Windows problem.  Keep up the great work!  This one is awesome!"
"I thought 3.0 was good, but 4.0 is WOW! How it looks right out of the box is impressive.  Excellent job LOS staff... I must say I am very impressed."
"Lindows is finally at the point I am going to be recommending it to my customers.  It took about 10 minutes to install. It came up on my network right away. I was able to map my shared drives on the XP box and the shared printer in just a few minutes. My digital camera works with no additional software. Lindows installs easier than Windows. I even changed video cards three times to get the best one and it detected all of them and never asked for a driver disk. So much better than Windows."
"LOS 4.0 is a great upgrade!  Kudos to the Lindows Team"

Here's an email we just received...

Gentlemen -

I finally found the time to install LINDOWS 4.0 and it installed like a charm, fast, smooth, trouble free, and flawless. My hat's off to you. I started making use of Click-N-Run and it too is flawless. You've got a much better product that I ever expected based on my long experience with Microsoft. The customer support you and your staff extended to me was absolutely superb, an astounding contrast to your competition. LINDOWS.COM is head and shoulders above your nearest competition in all aspects of the market.

Thank you very much for everything. I'm ecstatic that I made the transition to LINDOWS and I'm certain we'll have a long and happy relationship.


Joseph B. B.

And finally, I'd like to share an e-mail I received a couple of days ago from one of our of our attorneys:

-----Original Message-----

From:  Cole S.
Sent: 11/26/2002 10:12 AM
To: Michael Robertson
Subject: LindowsOS

I want to congratulate you guys on a real accomplishment -- you've converted my computer-phobic wife to a Lindows user. Lynn is pregnant with our first son and has recently been ordered to bed rest. My ThinkPad melted down recently after our maid dropped a picture frame on it, so I took the Lindows Mobile Computer that I bought from GearZoo as a backup and downloaded LindowsOS 4.0 and installed it on this computer. I set it up for myself thinking Lynn could use our desktop (it has MS Windows ME), but Lynn, recently idled and desperate for something to ease her bed rest boredom, took it to bed with her and began surfing, emailing, and, for the first time, downloading applications from Click-N-Run. After a day she had downloaded a zillion files from CNR and was using StarOffice to write an article for Parenting Magazine, which will be published in the fall. She now claims to be a "Linux Geek" and says it's the easiest computer we've ever owned and is now insisting that we dump ME and install it on our desktop and (when resurrected) ThinkPad. How fate can change lives! By the way, that Tron game is wickedly addicting.

Hopefully these customer comments and press reviews give you an idea that not only do we here at think that 4.0 is "ready for prime time,"...but so do many others who have been using it this past week. 

If you still haven't tried it yet, there's never been a better time to get LindowsOS 4.0.  It is our best version yet, and with our money-back guarantee and a two week trial of all of our add-on paks (via digital download), you can see all that LindowsOS has to offer. Once you check it out, I'm sure you'll agree that it really is providing access to "The World's Most Affordable Software!"

~ Michael


Please visit to answers questions you may have about LindowsOS or

About, Inc. provides the world's most affordable software., Inc. was started by Michael Robertson, founder and former CEO of LindowsOS is a modern, affordable and easy-to-use operating system that allows users access to hundreds of applications via the Click-N-Run (TM) Warehouse. All applications in the Click-N-Run Warehouse ( are licensed on a lifetime, per-person or family basis and can be downloaded, installed and run with just one-mouse click. LindowsOS is presently available on LindowsOS Certified Computers ( being offered from Builder partners LindowsOS can be ordered on CD and/or downloaded at offers a safe computing environment for family’s and businesses, learn more by visiting

LindowsOS and are trademarks of, Inc. Linux® is a registered trademark of Linus Torvalds. Microsoft® Windows operating system is a registered trademark or service mark of the Microsoft Corporation.


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