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Two New Products - Call-in-One, Enterprise Assessment Kit

There are two new products available for the first time this week that I am excited about. One is from Lindows and the other from SIPphone (my other company).


Starting this week, a brilliant new device is making its worldwide debut at which I'm predicting will make Internet calling practical for millions. Last year I started a company around a technology called SIP, which I'm convinced will revolutionize telecom. SIP gives consumers power over their personal telephone, much like MP3 gave them control of their music libraries. But the problem with SIP is that a special phone or a PC has been necessary to make these high-quality Internet calls. Nobody wants a second phone on their desk just for 'Net calls. Computers are great, but too heavyweight for the phone experience. Dealing with headsets and making sure the software is installed and running is  bothersome. What people want is a way for their existing phones to receive and dial net calls. So last year I met with a company called LeadTek and asked them to build a device that I could plug in at my home that would allow me to do SIP calls. Most importantly, it had to be invisible to my wife. I wanted her to be able to make and receive SIP calls with no change to her existing phone experience. I wanted to be able to use the same cordless unit and dial numbers exactly as she is accustomed to. (You might know LeadTek from their popular line of GeForce graphics cards.)

Get the Call-in-One from

LeadTek delivered a paperback novel-sized unit known as the "Call-in-One" to fit the bill. My wife suggested this clever name when I described how this device would permit the same phone in our house to make regular calls and free SIP calls. To use the Call-in-One, simply connect it to your broadband Internet connection and a line from the phone jack on wall. Then you plug the same phone you currently use into the Call-in-One box instead of the phone jack in the wall. Presto! You've added free worldwide calling to your phone. Because the Call-in-One uses plug-n-dial technology, the device is auto-configured and an available SIP number is assigned upon first use. After just a few seconds, you'll be ready to dial any SIP number in the world by first dialing the # key, or receive calls from more than 100,000 numbers on the SIPphone network. Of course, regular calls are dialed and answered exactly as before. The Call-in-One adds free worldwide SIP calling as a new feature to your phone and best of all, it does it an elegant and easy-to-use way.

Anyone currently paying long distance bills - especially those who make international calls - can save a bundle by using a Call-in-One. Because calls are transmitted over the Internet there are no per minute or monthly fees for SIP-to-SIP calls. You will need to make sure that the people you call the most also have a SIP number, so you can maximize your savings. Every Call-in-One or SIP adapter comes with a free SIP number which will look something like 1-747-123-4567. In addition, my.sipphone is a free service provided to Call-in-One users, so they can manage their phone book, track call history and adjust features like voice mail all via email.

Would you spend a one-time fee of $89 to buy a Call-in-One to add free unlimited worldwide 'Net calling to your existing home or business phone? The first manufacturing run of these units was only one thousand units, which are now in the SIPphone warehouse, so you'll want to get your order in quickly to be one of the first to get this phenomenal money-saving device.

Enterprise Assessment Kit

The other new product is from Lindows, and it demonstrates the increasing interest from enterprises for desktop Linux. Many are eager to determine how well Linux will work in their business or school, but are unsure where to start an evaluation process. The $149 Desktop Linux Enterprise Assessment Kit is a toolbox that allows you to experience state-of-the-art desktop Linux products, and survey the functionality and the cost-savings from desktop Linux.

Check hardware compatibility in just seconds!
The Kit includes all the software necessary to perform a complete technical analysis of desktop Linux. There's over 4 gigabytes of our best-selling software along with a special program that we have used internally, but never talked about. This easy-to-use program performs tests and reports on hardware compatibility (video, sound, modem, etc.) for any computer.  The Desktop Linux Enterprise Assessment Kit is unique because it can be used as a boot disk on any computer with a DVD-ROM drive, so you can experience Linux and test compatibility with no installation. Plus it comes with many Linux products which can be installed on desktops, laptops and developers' computers, enabling a thorough examination. Purchased individually, these products would cost hundreds of dollars, but we're selling them in one complete package for just $149. We also include a membership to the CNR Warehouse so the evaluator can examine one-click downloading and installation of the most popular Linux titles.

If your job responsibilities involve assessing the current state of desktop Linux, or you simply want to build a reference library of the latest Linux desktop products, you will want to make the investment in the Desktop Linux Enterprise Assessment Kit. It will help you ascertain the suitability of desktop Linux for your organization.

-- Michael

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