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Better Than a Pair of Old Gym Shoes - May 7, 2002

I just bought a new pair of basketball shoes, even though I liked my old pair just fine. It wasn't until I strapped on the new ones on that I appreciated how improved they were. I had grown so accustomed to the old pair that I hadn't noticed the lack of cushion in the sole, the tendency for the laces to come undone and the lack of traction from the worn tread --making the old ‘comfortable’ shoes not such a perfect fit after all.

I think that's the case with Microsoft products, while the familiarity feels comfortable, sometimes there are deficiencies which take a competitor’s heat to fully illuminate. Our goal at is to bring choice to the computer and improve on those deficiencies that so many people have resigned themselves to accept or have simply forgotten about. I'm a former Microsoft Windows 2000 user, but around the New Year, I switched over to LindowsOS. I thought I'd share with you some of the benefits I've experienced which have ultimately helped me save time and money.

1) LindowsOS Buyers Receive Permanent Access to software they purchase

In an attempt to cut costs, it's not uncommon for new computers nowadays to ship with zero software CDs. This leaves the buyer without an operating system software CD and if something goes wrong there is little recourse to secure the software - short of begging the computer manufacturer. This is exactly what happened with one of my computers and the computer manufacturer said I'd have to buy an individual copy of the software from the store - even though I had already paid for the software when I purchased the computer. This isn't right, paying consumers shouldn't be treated so shabbily. If you purchase a product it should come with either a physical media or permanent digital access. I did ask one computer builder why they didn't send out CDs to buyers, his response was that Microsoft requires a mound of paperwork to send out a replacement CD, and therefore strongly discourages any shipments to customers –despite the fact the customer has already paid for the software.

Every purchaser of LindowsOS receives a copy in their my.lindows account so they can access their software whenever it’s needed. We even encourage users to create a couple CDs to store at home or work, if that's what they'd like to do.

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2) LindowsOS Can Be Completely Digitally Downloaded Making it Cheaper and More Immediate

Software should be the first product availing itself to Internet delivery –it is a logical and practical way to deliver goods. But thanks to Microsoft's resistance, it's easier to download music and movies than downloading operating system software. While Microsoft undoubtedly feels this serves their corporate profits, it hurts consumers who should be benefiting from cost efficiencies and the immediacy of complete digital delivery.

NOTE: They do ask Microsoft Windows XP users to download 75mbs or more of fixes, but they won't allow them to download the *actual* software.

Buyers of LindowsOS can digitally download the entire operating system (about 300MBs). This means they can purchase the software and be up and running, 24-hours-a-day, without driving to computer stores for cardboard boxes or waiting a few days for mail orders. Because we're dealing direct, there is a significant cost savings passed onto customers as well. If LindowsOS users experience a computing emergency (or other emergency, such as theft or fire) they can download their software via LindowsOS users can also order a CD and have it shipped to them, if that’s what they desire. always makes sure customers have a digital copy at their digital fingertips.

3) LindowsOS is More Stable with Fewer Time-Consuming Restarts and Crashes

Now, I had always heard that Linux® was more stable than Microsoft products, but I had to experience this for myself to become a believer. Because LindowsOS makes it trivial for people to experience Linux, I was able to witness this first hand when I converted from Microsoft Windows 2000 to LindowsOS. Prior to the conversion, I'd experience crashes midway through a day of computing. I'd open too many browser windows (which I'm prone to do) or my email folders which were just too big. I’m really enjoying using my system without the hang-ups requiring me to restart. I typically have more than 30 browser windows going to different locations and LindowsOS never stopped working.

I just finished an entire week of computing with LindowsOS without system hangs requiring me to restart. At one time, I had more than 30 browser windows going to different locations and LindowsOS never stopped working. Nice!

4) Installing Software is Quicker and Easier

Another bothersome Microsoft Windows trait is the lengthy installation process. Each time you want to add a piece of software, it's a marathon experience of multiple restarts, installation screens, serial numbers, activation codes, etc. Yuck! At times, I'd spend the better part of an afternoon just wrestling with a piece of software I wanted to try out.

For LindowsOS users, software installation is a one-click experience using Click-N-Run. Owners of LindowsOS simply browse for a software title and a single mouse click downloads and installs the software so it's ready to run --no restarts required! It's an elegant and easy way to add software. We hope to have hundreds of high-quality software titles in our Warehouse when the next version of LindowsOS is released. Join the Insiders to be one of the first to access next version of LindowsOS.

Click to see the Warehouse in action

5) LindowsOS Users Save Money and Time due to Friendlier Licensing Terms

Microsoft's licensing terms are getting progressively more costly for computer owners. With the advent of activation codes, they are not only costly but bothersome. If you have a laptop and a desktop, you'll need to purchase two copies of Microsoft's software even if you're the only user of those computers and won't be using them simultaneously. Keeping track of lengthy serial numbers, which are required before software you've fully paid for works, is an unreasonable intrusion on customers. It's an unfair and illogical policy meant solely to benefit Microsoft with no regard for the consumer.

LindowsOS and software in the Click-N-Run Warehouse is licensed under friendly licensing terms that allow you to install the software on multiple computers for your use. There are no serial numbers to keep track of and no activation codes required to register the software. This will mean real savings in lower cost and lower support hassles for anyone with more than one computer in their home, school or place of business.

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So, if your shoes are a bit old, then you should consider trying on the next version of LindowsOS called SPX for size. Or you can sign-up as an Insider and see how our most recent version called SP2 fits you. NOTE: As an Insider, you'll get future versions of LindowsOS as well.

Michael Robertson just launched for Insiders and visitors. Please feel free to visit to get the answers to your questions you may have about LindowsOS or

Bringing choice to your computer! has released LindowsOS Sneak Preview 1 and 2 to a select group of Insiders. The Sneak Previews are not fully completed products but showcase many of the unique features such as a “Friendly-Install” alongside an existing Microsoft Windows operating system, a streamlined installation process which requires no computer knowledge and the ability to run popular Windows-based programs. This will be followed by Version 1.0 which will go on sale later this year. For more information see

LindowsOS and are trademarks of, Inc. Linux® is a registered trademark of Linus Torvalds. Microsoft® Windows® operating system is a registered trademark or service mark of the Microsoft Corporation.


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