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The $199 PC, Microsoft Corp. v., Update is all about new choices, particularly in regards to affordable computing.  Not only are we hard at work at bringing lower costs to the OS and its applications, but we're also impacting the cost of hardware. has been working with a major retailer and hardware manufacturer and will be announcing, very soon, a newly-configured $199 computer. This barrier-breaking machine is a new, non-refurbished, computer package. For under $200 dollars, you’ll be able to browse the Internet, check email and run a variety of software products for far less than the price of most handheld devices! A certified version of LindowsOS will come bundled with the PC as well as a trial membership to the Click-N-Run Warehouse – a software hub that provides access to more than 1,600 software applications.


Just like Southwest Airlines made flying possible to a new group of individuals with their low fares, stands to do much of the same in the software and hardware industry by bringing the TOTAL cost of computing down. New markets will be opened up to individuals and businesses that, before now, couldn't afford the high-cost of computers and software.   


This new price point is sure to spur many to pick up that second computer they’ve been wanting  to buy. As with any hot product announcement, supply on these machines will be stretched during its introduction and we're sure they'll be a huge demand, so to be alerted the moment the $199 computer becomes available, please, sign-up at  We'll make sure those who add their name to the list are the first to be notified of this event so you can be the first to try one out.


Those of you who want to download LindowsOS right now or order a copy via CD, can do so by visiting  (You'll also find there a very special, limited-time offer for those who become Insiders now.)



Microsoft Corp. v. Update


Some of you have sent me email asking for an update on the battle with Microsoft and wanting to know how you can help. In case you missed it, Microsoft sued to shut down earlier in the year. It was a transparent attempt to stifle the inevitable competition which Linux represents. Their allegation was (and is) that they own the trademark for the word "windows," maintaining that no other company should be allowed to use the word “windows” -- not even the "indows" portion.


Of course, there are hundreds of products and companies that use the word "windows" – and Microsoft has never filed suit against any of them. That’s a huge clue that this suit has little to do with trademark confusion. (If you missed any part of the proceedings to date, visit to read the court papers and summaries.)


Many people have congratulated us, prematurely, on our victory. While the judicial system did block their request to shut us down, a trial is looming for April 2003. At that time, the Judge (or jury) will decide whether Microsoft has a valid trademark for the word "windows" and whether the name is confusing. In the interim, we're moving through the legal process where Microsoft is demanding, as part of the discovery process, everything from our business plan to our list of partner companies. As you can imagine, it's challenging for a 39-person company to compete with a Goliath that has hundreds of people--just in the legal department alone. This is where we could use a bit of help from our community of Insiders and those on our mailing list.


While Microsoft can outspend us with high-priced lawyers and experts, they cannot buy history. We know, of course, that the word "windows" had been used in the industry for years before Microsoft adopted it in the early 1980s for the name of its windowing interface product, Microsoft Windows 1.0. We could, however, use your help in gathering as much evidence as possible to show the usage of the words "windows", "window" and "windowing" before and after 1983, the date Microsoft first filed its trademark application. If you have magazine or newspaper articles, academic papers, journal articles, product manuals, advertisements, textbooks, dictionaries, or anything else that uses the terms, we'd like to hear from you. We'd also like to hear from anyone who had personal experience in the industry during those early years and can recall the history of the early windowing products such as Xerox's Star, VisiCorp's VisiOn, Apple's Lisa, Digital Research's GEM, Quarterdeck's DesQ, IBM's TopView, and others. Please email all your findings to


As always, thanks for all your help.

Michael Robertson

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