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3 Years and $20 Million to Linspire Five-0!

Three and a half years ago I had a vision to make Linux practical for desktop and laptop computers around the world. I wanted to make personal computer software cheaper and better. I knew that doing this would mean taking on the biggest monopoly of my generation - Microsoft. I invested millions of my own money to bring the engineering, marketing and sales resources together, but I knew it would take more than that.

Linspire Five-0 - In Use

Common sense tells you that 85 employees cannot challenge the richest company in the world who has a 20-year head start and 30,000 employees. But we've got a couple of secret weapons. First, there are hundreds of thousands of Linux programmers assisting us in building the many parts. Secondly, we've got thousands of Insiders, many of whom have been with us since the earliest days helping us with their money, insights and testing. They act as massive army of helpers and they have tested and compiled diagnostic reports from thousands of different computer configurations, making Linspire the most tested desktop Linux ever.

This week we're rolling out Linspire Five-0, which is
GOING TO BLOW PEOPLE AWAY! Five-0 is completely new from top to bottom and the culmination of a $20 million investment with a singular focus: making Linux practical for every home, school and business. This is THE release that you will finally feel comfortable running yourself if you're not running Linux already. If you've been using Linux for awhile, this is the product you can give to your friends, family or co-workers and tell them with confidence to make the switch!

Linspire Five-0 is available immediately and here are several ways you can get it:

1. If you're a current CNR member, log into Once logged in, go to My Products> My Downloads on the left side of the screen and download the ISO for free.

2. Buy it digitally - two versions of Linspire Five-0 are available:

  • Linspire Five-0 digital CNR Edition for $89.95 (includes subscription to CNR Service)

3. Order CDs (expected ship date last week of March)

NOTE: Our download servers will likely experience heavy loads during this time, so we've set-up a BitTorrent option for downloaders, to which you will have access**.

Here's a list of just some of the spectacular new features in Linspire Five-0 with screenshots.

The World's Easiest Desktop Linux!

  • Over 1,200 improvements!
  • Completely new, exclusive Linspire look and feel designed by top

    graphical artists
  • Blazing fast 8-minute install with new "First-Run Wizard"
  • Advanced, next generation CNR for one-click software install, updates and more
  • Hundreds of new software titles in the CNR Warehouse (MythTV, Kopete, Sketsa, Moneydance 2005, Gimp 2.2 and more!)
  • Faster boot time
  • Improved file type support
  • New All-In-One CD for running "live" from CD or installing
  • New update option for existing Linspire users
  • Enhanced and expanded voice-narrated "How-To" Tutorials
  • Additional user documentation available

Expanded hardware support as never before seen with desktop Linux

  • New 2.6.10 Linux Kernel
  • New KDE 3.3
  • New 6.8.2 for improved video support
  • Improved sound support with real-time mixing
  • New "Supermount" for easier removable media use (CD, Floppy)
  • Easy-to-use diagnostic reporting directly from desktop to Linspire's engineers

Upload pages easily with Nvu's
built-in site manager

Improved Laptop support

  • New wireless support (802.11g)
  • Intel Centrino and AMD PowerNow Compatibility
  • New easy-to-use wireless control panel
  • New WiFi Profiles Manager for ease of moving to different locations (home, office, etc.)
  • New WiFi Access Point Locator

Improved Internet Optimization

  • New built in one-click BitTorrent support
  • New "Hot Words" embedded searching
  • New in-line spell checking throughout (email, browser, IM, etc.)
  • New AOL Dialer
  • Enhanced firewall for added security

Improved support for Schools and Businesses

  • New built-in VPN
  • Improved networking
  • New Nvu Web Authoring
  • New Lassist Suite (Reminders, MailMinder, Calendar, Address Book)
  • New OpenOffice 1.1.3 works seamlessly with Microsoft Office documents (.doc, .xls, .ppt)

Listen to your favorite music with Lsongs

Improved support for the Home

  • Lsongs Music Manager
  • Lphoto Photo Manager
  • New RealPlayer 10
  • New PhoneGaim Instant Messenger with free long-distance phone calls
  • Expanded support for file and media types (.doc, .xls, QuickTime, Windows Media, Flash, Java, Real, .mp3, .pdf, etc.)

We've worked long and hard on Linspire Five-0 and are very proud of it. I think you'll be impressed, and I'm anxious to hear what you think of Five-0 on our forums.

-- Michael

** In order to download via BitTorrent, go to Once logged in, go to My Products> CD Downloads and click on "download immediately using BitTorrent."

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