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Hard at work ... Sneak Preview 2 - 12 March 2002

Sorry you haven't heard much from us over the last few weeks. Our 30 employees are hard at work readying a new version of Sneak Preview which will have a host of new features and a couple of surprises.

A special thanks goes out to those of you who have signed up as Insiders You've been a tremendous help in identifying issues with our first Sneak Preview and giving us your input on the future direction of our product, which we believe will help shape the future of our company.

Our goal is to build an easy-to-use, stable operating system at one-third the cost of Microsoft. We're making great strides in making this a reality. For those of you responsible for computing decisions, you know this will mean dramatic savings over existing products.

There are large feature improvements that you have told us are critically important in your decision to examine alternatives. Perhaps one of the bigger ones is being able to open all Microsoft Excel, Microsoft PowerPoint and Microsoft Word documents with just one click. You can also expect big performance and compatibility improvements throughout and a streamlined experience to adding software programs because it's not just about the cost of the operating system, but itís also about the accompanying software.

Sneak Preview 2 still won't be quite ready for use as your daily desktop solution, but it has taken huge strides from the first version. In fact, those of you who want to know more about operating systems, but have been frightened by the daunting task of installing Linuxô, will want to get Sneak Preview 2. There's no easier way to try Linux because you don't need any special knowledge or have to go through complex steps such as formatting or partitioning your hard disk.

So watch for Sneak Preview 2 coming soon and if you're an Insider ,let us know what you think!

On a different note, we're expecting a ruling from a judge on our name "" any day. We'll let you know how that comes out as soon as we hear something. But rest assured, we're committed to delivering on our goal of bringing CHOICE back to the PC.

Michael Robertson
CEO of

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