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Mission Possible - Store The World's Music

Mission Possible

Beginning this week, MP3tunes will be offering a substantial 10GBs of music storage for free - enough to hold about 2,000 MP3 files. The goal is to store every internet user's music collection in the cloud and make it available everywhere they want to listen. This will require a massive expansion of our system but we're ready to make the jump from hundreds of thousands of users to tens of millions. If you'd like to receive an invitation, please get on the list here.

Increasing the free storage by 5X will create a surge in traffic. To manage the demand and growth we will be metering out invites to keep the flow manageable and to make sure we can offer an uninterrupted experience to existing users. Our team will be constantly monitoring storage and deploying more servers on a daily basis to handle the increased usage, so if you request an invite please be patient while we get to your request.

Consumer friendly
MP3tunes recognizes that it's your music and it's and our job to make it play everywhere you want. We want to earn your business by having the friendliest service that delivers your music to any PC, internet radio, Android phone, iPhone, iPad (coming soon), game console, set top box, car player and more. Our open system means anyone can build an interface for any device. Since it's your music, if for any reason you want to leave MP3tunes, then you'll have ability to take your music and playlists.

It's About Petabytes
Storing music is a massive job and our systems have to be capable of storing a gargantuan number of songs. We now measure our capacity in petabytes with each petabyte able to store approximately 200 million files. A petabyte (PB) is 1000 terabytes (TB), a terabyte is 1000 gigabytes (GB), and a gigabyte is 1000 megabytes (MB). You don't have to worry about what petabytes are but rest assured we will!

Final Format Shift
Over the last few decades there have been several music migrations: from LP to cassette to CD to MP3 and now to the cloud. Each migration is a hassle because it takes time, music is lost, and the entire collection has to be re-organized. The good news is that migrating to the cloud is easy. You can run LockerSync on your computer and it collects all your digital music and playlists from iTunes (and other sources) and loads it to the cloud. If you have multiple computers you simply run LockerSync on each and it will create one nicely organized online collection. Once your music is in the cloud, it can be moved to any device in any format making it the last format shift you'll ever be required to do.

Secret Strategy
Our vision for the world is not just to warehouse all music but to organize it in a standard way so any device can be used as a music player. Today's personal music collections are strewn across PCs, laptops and portable players with no central organization. Some use iTunes PC software, but Apple controls this so tightly making it impossible for non i-devices to access it. At MP3tunes we think users should decide what devices connect to their music which is why we publish the methodology for any device or software program to connect to our system.

I hope you'll join our mission to store and organize the world's music by signing up for a free 10GB music locker.


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