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Why Buy CDs From Amazon When You Can Buy MP3 Albums??

Don't buy another CD from Amazon. CDs are simply not a good value. The problem is a music CD is cumbersome, fragile and expensive. Business reporters, music analysts and net commentators like Mark Cuban are justifiably shoveling dirt onto the jewel case.The latest reports say sales will decline 60% by 2010. Ouch.

But don't bury the CD just yet! I think it can be modernized. Starting today, AnywhereCD will begin selling CDs at prices matching Amazon, giving consumers much more value because we're providing valuable digital services for no additional cost. Along with every CD purchase customers get high quality MP3 files. Buyers can listen to all the tracks on the album immediately after purchase via a web interface. The confirmation email also includes a link that can be used to load all the tracks directly into iTunes. All purchased music is stored permanently in a music locker so you can download the MP3s whenever you need them. Never lose your music again!

Comparison of AnywhereCD vs. Amazon

MP3 Album
CD + 192k MP3 files
1-click loading to iTunes
Permanent backup
Listen anywhere using music locker from any PC (courtesy of MP3tunes)
Same or better than Amazon
Warner Music Group

AnywhereCD was just recently introduced, and you can read about the coming out party here. You can also watch videos about how AnywhereCD works. Immediately after the rollout there was a disagreement with Warner Music Group that triggered lawsuits on both sides. I have a lot of respect for WMG, so I flew to NYC and spent some time working through our issues. I'm happy to announce that we're now able to operate AnywhereCD with Warner's full approval through the end of September. You can read the official press release here. This second site launch gives us an opportunity to adjust the pricing. Previously AnywhereCD prices were $2-3 more than Amazon's price per CD. Today, we're announcing that we cut the prices of our MP3 Albums and are now matching the prices of Amazon CDs.

I actually like Amazon and, of course, you should still buy CDs (at least the ones AnywhereCD doesn't have) and other merchandise from Amazon. But AnywhereCD offers incredible value to music lovers that makes it superior to any other online CD retailer. It's the first service that combines physical and digital into one combination with the best of both worlds. Our contract with WMG expires at the end of September so we'll only be able to offer MP3 Albums until then. We may or may not be able to sell MP3 Albums after that date, but of course you'll always have any album you purchase in a music locker - that will never go away. And that's the real value in AnywhereCD. Maybe I should have called it ForeverCD?

-- MR

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