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Fast IM, SMS, and Email on ANY mobile phone/PC in one program - Gizmo5

Like many people, my computing time is shifting from my PC to my phone (many young people are skipping the PC step altogether). What's bothersome about the phone is that it's slow to handle all my communications. Some people communicate via SMS, some via email, and still others via IM so I end up having to toggle between programs on the phone checking for messages which is inefficient. SMS, IM and email are similar in that they're just a blast of words sent between people. I shouldn't have to launch multiple programs to send and receive them - it should all happen in one place.

Starting today you can now use one program on your mobile phone - the new Gizmo5 to do IM, SMS and email and it's lightening fast. Gizmo5 has always done instant messaging (MSN, AIM, Yahoo, etc) but now we've added the ability to use the same program to send email and SMS. Here's how it works. When a user is not available via IM you can still type a message, but at the conclusion you can select an alternate delivery method - SMS or email. (You can even do both if you really want to make sure they get the message.) If they reply to your email or SMS then it will automatically be displayed in the chat tab with that user. This makes it possible to have a chat type of experience with anyone even if they're an email or SMS user. This is the first time IM, email and SMS have been brought together in one interface on the mobile phone.

Now with Gizmo5 you can communicate with users over IM, SMS, and email all from a single program and a single interface. Because the Gizmo5 servers are doing much of the processing the experience is remarkably fast even on a low powered phone.

Daily Communications

Daily Communications With New Gizmo5

The new Gizmo5 blurs the line between IM, SMS and email messaging and brings all messaging into a single experience.

I hope you will try the new Gizmo5 on your mobile phone or your PC. I think you'll find it incredibly useful to quickly send and receive IM, SMS and email messages.

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