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SIPphone Becomes Gizmo5 - Now For Your Mobile Phone Too

Today we're announcing a new product and company name - Gizmo5. You can now transform just about any modern phone into an instant messaging and file sharing device -- simply type your mobile number and Gizmo5 will load directly onto your device. You'll save loads of money because you can IM all your buddies on AOL, MSN, Yahoo, Jabber, and of course Gizmo and sidestep text and MMS charges. (You may have to call your carrier and make sure they allow you to use data on your phone and are not blocking transmission).

The unique interface of Gizmo5 makes it possible to have multiple conversations simultaneously -- even on a tiny phone screen. You have to try it to believe it. If you don't know how to load software onto your phone don't worry because we've made it super easy. Click on the Gizmo5 graphic below to get started. Enter your mobile phone number and we'll send the program directly to your mobile phone. (Others charge $20 or more for IM software for your phone but Gizmo5 is free.)

Along with IM and file transfer, Gizmo5 does cheap international calls and will even let you call any PC directly for the cost of a local call. Just click the "Call" button in Gizmo5 to see how that works. There's a holiday promotion to receive $3 in bonus calling with any $10 purchase.

SIPphone -- the company -- is also changing it's name to Gizmo5. Most people don't know SIPphone but instead know Gizmo Project -- the PC/Mac/Linux software for VOIP and IM which SIPphone develops. Gizmo Project started out as a fun internal code name that escaped into the wild. It's always been a bit confusing and a mouthful to say. To add clarity we're changing the names to be more consistent. Here's a recap:

Old Name
New Name
SIPphone (corporate name)
Gizmo Project (desktop)
Gizmo for Mobile (mobile phone)

The new mobile product expands the universe of potential users of SIPphone, 'er I mean Gizmo5, from 1 billion PC users to also include the 3 billion mobile phone users. Gizmo5 gives the most complete cross device experience -- PC or mobile phone. You'll be able to call or IM your world from whatever device you happen to be using. Add/remove/edit a contact in one place and it is immediately synced everywhere. Buy minutes on one device and they're available everywhere. We're doing more than 10 million minutes of calling per month and the addition of a mobile product should make that number grow even faster. I hope you'll give Gizmo5 a try on your mobile phone today and let me know what you think.


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