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Factoids About

Here are some interesting facts that give some insight into and the momentum building behind desktop Linux:

504 - The number of exhibits plans to introduce in the upcoming "windows" trademark lawsuit showing how windows was used generically by the entire computer industry (including Microsoft) before the release of the "Microsoft Windows" product. The trial will take place March 1st, 2004 in Seattle and is expected to last 2 weeks. Read more about it at

The CNR Warehouse
2,771,853 - The number of Linux software programs that LindowsOS users have installed via the CNR (click n run) Warehouse. This is the easiest way for computer users to take advantage of the benefits of Linux . One-click downloading, installing and configuring of software is the future, and it's happening on desktop Linux first.

Check out Nvu
$169.99 - Amount of money a user can save by using Nvu instead of purchasing FrontPage 2003. Nvu is a brand new web authoring program sponsored by It will run on Linux or Microsoft Windows, but LindowsOS users have it best, since they can install with a single mouse click from the Warehouse. This is the first beta release and it is already a solid product including a powerful tabbed browsing interface, making it a snap to manage entire websites or even multiple websites.

665 - Number of users currently downloading LindowsLive! from the BitTorrent P2P system. LindowsLive! is now available on virtually all the major P2P systems for free, and is the easiest way for people try out Linux. Simply burn a CD with LindowsLive! on it and start up any computer with the disc in the drive and witness LindowsOS first-hand, without installing anything. According to Supernova, at the time of this writing, LindowsLive! is the most popular software title being downloaded via BitTorrent.

1,830 - Total number of products available in the CNR Warehouse for one-click install on LindowsOS. Find a list ranking the most popular programs at

120,000 vs. 6,450,000 - LindowsOS vs Microsoft Windows mentions on the Internet according to Googlefight. Sure reminds us that we have a long way to go!

LindowsOS PCs from $199

4,451 - The number of System Builders and Resellers signed up to the Builder and Reseller Programs, so they can sell computers running LindowsOS or LindowsOS software.

171,993 - Total posts on the forum, where supporters are anxious to help others, and applaud or constructively criticize 164 people have 100 or more posts and 67 have an astonishing 1000+ posts.

578 - The number of LindowsOS consultants. You can search for one in your area at


1,723,349 - The number of unique visitor sessions to About 95% of customers find answers to their questions in our rich FAQ system, and 2,851,812 FAQs have been viewed. The remaining 5% submit phone or email inquiries which have recently been averaging 291/day. That's a lot of people getting smarter about the capabilities of desktop Linux everyday, which is key to growth.

1,423 - Number of spam emails I have received since the release of the latest virus affecting Microsoft Windows computers. Grrrr!

-- Michael

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