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Thanksgiving Day Leftovers

The day after Thanksgiving I always make turkey soup. There's something about chopping carrots and potatoes, and making sure all that all the turkey goes to good use that just feels right. This year, my six-year-old stood on a chair in the kitchen at my side and helped dad chop, mix and stir, which made the soup aroma that filled the house that much warmer - and made the soup taste that much better. At Linspire, we've got a few leftovers as well that I would like to talk about in this week's Minute:

Lookout Microsoft FrontPage - Nvu 1.0 Beta Now Available!

Create web pages and HTML emails (like this one) with Nvu
We're announcing the availability of the beta version of Nvu 1.0 as a free download. After AOL abandoned Netscape, we witnessed people start working on the browser, turning it into the overnight sensation Firefox. Others have been working on the email program, which will be called Thunderbird. Unfortunately the Web authoring program, called "Composer," was orphaned. We rebranded it Nvu, which is a clever three-letter domain that Linspire President Kevin Carmony registered more than 7 years ago and was willing to donate to the cause.

Composer's biggest limitation was that there was no 'site manager' - so users could easily create web pages, but they were on their own when it came to actually getting the pages on the Web. Nvu adds an FTP-based site manager, so not only can you create pages, but you can now load them onto a web site with a single click, much like FrontPage does. In addition to this capability, Nvu adds many more features, like a tabbed interface reminiscent of Firefox, which makes it a snap to manage multiple pages of even a complex web site.

Linspire users click here to install Nvu now
Linspire pays for the primary programming of Nvu, but it benefits many more than just Linspire users. The community has really gotten behind this project. It's now available for Linspire, Apple OS X, Microsoft Windows, FreeBSD, various Linux versions, and even OS/2! According to log files from, 38% of visitors to the Nvu site are already running Firefox, meaning Firefox users are turning to Nvu for their HTML editing needs. I hope if you have web editing needs you will give Nvu a try, and give us your feedback at

Notorious Hacker Kevin Mitnick Says Linspire Safest

Kevin Mitnick has long been famed as the most notorious U.S. hacker, but after several convictions and years in a Federal prison he put his talents to good use. He partnered with a security firm and USA Today to release a report this week on the security of desktop PCs. They tested Microsoft, Apple and Linspire. With its strong Linux foundation and a built-in firewall, Linspire ranked as the safest operating system, receiving the fewest attacks and never becoming compromised by attacks over the Internet. Certain Microsoft Windows computers were compromised just minutes after connecting to the Internet - astonishingly poor security.

We often tout affordability as the best reason to switch to desktop Linux, but many organizations and individuals are pushed to consider Linux for security reasons. They are fed up with the hassle and costs of viruses and are looking toward Linux to escape the virus treadmill and insecurity of a Microsoft platform. It's a relief being able to ignore the weekly announcements about new virus attacks and operating system updates that are critically important for Microsoft Windows users. It takes a great deal of time and money for administration costs, which can be avoided just by using Linux. I have 8 computers at my house and 3 in my office. If they were running XP, I'd spend all of my time just trying to keep them up to date and I would never get any work done!

Rob Glaser of Real Networks To Speak At Desktop Summit

Click here to sign up for the Desktop Summit today
We're pleased to announce that Rob Glaser, founder and CEO of RealNetworks, will be giving a keynote address at this year's Desktop Summit, Feb 9-11th, 2005. Real has a compelling vision for the direction that media delivery should move, and it revolves around their Helix project. Rob and other visionaries, like Mitch Kapor, will be giving keynote addresses at this year's event.

You might notice that we subtly dropped the "Linux" from the conference name. I've never liked the name 'Desktop Linux Summit.' My tongue gets twisted trying to say it, and I've always like shorter names rather than longer ones. Besides, this year's event has significant portions dedicated to programs that run equally well on Microsoft Windows, like Firefox/Mozilla, and Real's Helix. So we've shortened the name to Desktop Summit. Ahh... that's better. Plus the domain name was available.

If you haven't registered yet, you will want to do it now by going here. With our expanded agenda, corporate backing, and our ultra-low pre-registration price ($99 gets you to all 3 days plus t-shirt and meals), we're expecting to quickly sell out the 1,000-seat capacity. Don't be turned away - register early!

Michael's Minute Meter

To make each Michael's Minutes more interactive and provide a way for readers to share their feedback, we've added a new feature to each week's minute called the Michael's Minute Meter. Think I've got a screw loose? Agree with me whole-heartedly? Now you'll be able to vote with your mouse and see what other people think about the topic of the week. You'll find the meter at the bottom of each Michael's Minute on our web site. Those of you reading the Michael's Minute via email can simply click on the meterlogo at the bottom of each email to be taken to the Web and let your voice be heard. In addition to a quick vote (agree, disagree, or mixed), you can also click the link below the meter on the web site to discuss each week's topic in our forums with other readers, myself, and other Linspire staff members.

-- Michael
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