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Death of Lala and the 10 Cent Web Song

Death of Lala and the 10 Cent Web Song

Two years ago I wrote about the $20 million record label backed experiment to explore whether consumers would rent songs for 10 cents each. A year later I warned those consumers that Lala (the dime store which rented those songs) would eventually go away wiping out renters music collection. After Apple's recent purchase I asked, Will Apple Bury Lala's 10 cent songs? Last week that scenario became a reality when Apple, announced it was shutting down Lala at which time all accounts will be terminated. I feel bad for those who purchased Lala songs with expectations of permanency only to find out they lost their music. To help those jilted customers take back control of their music MP3tunes is offering a music locker for 10 cents - the cost of just one of those web songs.

For just 10 cents ex-Lala customer can get a music locker to store up to 50GBs of music ($39.95 value) and more importantly the software which will put them in control of their music to avoid such a calamity in the future. Both Lala and MP3tunes offer a music locker but there are fundamental differences. With Lala users couldn't even download their own songs - it was a roach motel for music where it could go in but never come out. Furthermore Lala restricts playback only to web browsers. With MP3tunes users we don't restrict where they can play their music (PC, smart phones, net radios, etc).

Locker Comparison

Lala's Old Lock MP3tunes Locker
Unlimited streaming Yes Yes
Automatic file syncing Yes Yes
Downloading Yes
iPhone/iTouch/iPad Yes
Android Yes
Logitech Internet radios (No PC) Yes
Full access via open API Yes
Worldwide access Yes

About a year ago I wrote, "Your music will be controlled by Lala and will eventually vanish, because no company lasts forever." I can't promise MP3tunes will last forever - all companies will eventually go away. But I can do the next best thing. Each MP3tunes customer gets a software program called LockerSync which you can use to download your entire library anytime you like. It's the ultimate insurance policy so that you'll never be dependent on MP3tunes or any other company for your media.

If you're an ex-Lala customer then I encourage you to sign-up for a MP3tunes account using the coupon code: ex-Lala-customer (coupon expires 5/21/10) and you'll be charged just 10 cents for a Premium 50 Yearly locker.


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