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KooBox - The World's Most Affordable Computer!

Before I tell you about "the world's most affordable computer," I wanted to let those of you who may not have heard know that you can now walk into retailers in many cities around the world and buy the full line of products. We're hearing very encouraging reports from these retailers that the products are being warmly received and selling briskly. If you get a chance, drop by Fry's, Micro Center, or any of the other walk-in retailers to see and buy LindowsOS, LindowsOffice, LindowsPlus, SurfSafe, and VirusSafe.

You've probably seen computer advertisements with a photo of a computer next to a flat panel monitor, speakers and other hardware suggesting that it's all included for the advertised sales price, but in actuality the monitor is not included (especially not a flat panel monitor). This is a common trick these companies play to allow them to advertise a lower price, and then in the small print add disclaimers like "monitor not included." Well, things are about to change. By using the world's most affordable software (instead of the world's most expensive software), it's now possible for computer manufacturers to actually sell a COMPLETE computer system at a price that will definitely get your attention without the pricing games!

Sleek space-saving, flat-panel monitor included

This week, started selling the first complete Linux computer! This means you get the computer, a flat-panel monitor, cables, keyboard, mouse, speakers, and even the software. Everything you need is included...just take it out of the box, plug it in, and go! The best part? This industry-first computer package is just $449! That's right: a complete LindowsOS computer INCLUDING a flat-panel monitor and Lindows Plus (giving you instant access to over 1,500 programs), all for under $450!

Whether you are looking for a computer for your home office, a family PC, or a kids computer, buying a KooBox means you will have everything you need, right in the box. The KooBox also comes Internet-ready for dialup or broadband, and because it's pre-installed and certified with LindowsOS, you're guaranteed an easy-to-use, frustration-free experience.

The KooBox is just in time for back-to-school and is ideal for parents wanting to give their kids the best opportunity to excel in class. The KooBox even comes with a full office suite installed that is compatible with Microsoft Word, Excel and PowerPoint documents. In addition, KooBox includes Lindows Plus with a full Click-N-Run membership, so a student can deck out their KooBox with a scientific calculator, interactive periodic table, high-power graphics editor, typing tutor, and any of the other 1,500 plus software programs from the Click-N-Run Warehouse, and the price is still just $449! (Just don't tell them about the hundreds of games 'till after they graduate!)

For only $449 the KooBox comes with everything you need

While Linux computers offer a tremendous value, many consumers (myself included) don't want to spend a lot of time buying necessary parts that should have been included all along, like when you buy a new universal remote or RC car -- you don't want to get it home and find "batteries not included."

Oh, and don't assume that the KooBox is some bottom-of-the-line, ill-equipped, slow computer. Check out the specs and you'll see that the KooBox comes with a speedy processor and lots of memory to ensure a lightning-fast computing experience.

If you need an additional computer around the home or office, and you've been curious about Linux and LindowsOS, at this price and because of its space-saving, sleek design and flat-panel monitor, the KooBox is an excellent way to buy a complete computer to see first-hand what all the excitement is about.

I believe everyone should own their own computer, and with prices and features like the KooBox, now everyone can. There's no longer a need to wait while the kids fight over the one family computer, just put a KooBox in each child's room. Doing so is now also a safe move, because the KooBox even comes with Lindows SurfSafe (the only pornography blocking software that's built right into the computer's operating system) making it virtually impossible for your children to access harmful material while surfing the Internet.

Compare the price of the KooBox with other popular computers and you'll see that it truly is the world's most affordable computer...

Model All-In-One T2341 & CTR Dim 4600
Price Only $449! $610 $699
Space-saving, flat-screen LCD Monitor
Expanded 256MB Memory for Speed
Includes over 1,500 Software Programs
Includes the new and exciting LindowsOS
Built-in Pornography Blocking
Built-in Virus Protection

This is just the tip of the iceberg. In the future, I fully expect you'll be seeing more and more computer resellers offering affordable complete LindowsOS solutions to stay competitive.

At such a low price, these computers will run out of stock quickly, so go to today to get a
complete, powerful, affordable, easy-to-use, and safe computer. At only $449, that's one "Boo Koo" value.

~ Michael

P.S. For those of you who didn't see the latest issue of the Linux Journal, I'm happy to say that the Lindows Mobile PC (the first consumer Linux Laptop) was just named the Editors' Choice for the Best Mobile Device for 2003.

Also, the positive reviews keep coming in for LindowsOS 4.0, and you can always find them at

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