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Social Distancing Doesn't Have to Be Lonely - Can Help

Social isolation is taxing. Humans are social beings and need to interact with others. For safety we may need spatial distancing, but we can still be social. We need to stay social to stay sane and care for each other. I've been working on a new concept for group communications for about a year. After the coronavirus hit, I felt we needed to get this service out to the public immediately so we're going to soon launch a web version.

Imagine virtual rooms where friends can meet and socialize in real-time. Rooms can be private - just for people you know - or public - open to others who may have similar interests. In every room people can chat with the whole group or individuals. If they want to get more personal they can do voice and video.

Each room will have an audio theme selected by the room owner. From there people in the room can take over DJ duties. In a democratic twist, listeners in the room can decide which DJs songs are played.

"Virtual events" are trending but they are typically unwieldy Brady Bunch style video sessions. Anyone who's done group video conferences knows they break down after more than a half dozen participants. Unless someone takes the role of traffic cop orchestrating who can speak, it's just chaos. It's nothing like a friendly get together with friends. It's definitely not like a party IRL (in real life).

There are many ways to digitally communicate immediately. Most is one-to-one: IM, SMS, Skype, etc. One-to-many is nicely served by Youtube Live, Facebook Live, Twitch and others. What is missing is a way for a group to get together and communicate in real-time.

TuneRoom hopes to blaze a trail by providing a needed venue where people can socialize in a fun and relaxed manner. During this trying time people especially need comfort and to feel closer to their friends. I believe technology can help with this and help us all navigate through this difficult time.

Please visit and sign-up to get notified when launches so you can create your own room for you and your friends!


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