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Sneak Peak

There will be several new products announced at the Desktop Linux Summit which will propel desktop Linux adoption faster and further. One is a totally new type of PC product that will make desktop Linux the ideal product for the home. Look for an announcement and demo at the show and then watch it quickly show up in retailers nationwide because families will demand it.

Half of the computers sold to consumers are laptops, but today there are no Linux laptops commonly available. So half of computer purchasers have to choose Microsoft. Next week, you will see a second advancement that will double the opportunity for Linux on the desktop.

Since the first-ever Desktop Linux Summit is next week, and I wanted to share with you my sneak peek at the set-up that is going on this week. In preparation for the summit, many of the participating companies have started sending their hardware and software down to San Diego--and I can tell you that the summit is going to be a blast!

For anyone who wants to make the move to Linux but is unsure about being able to communicate with people running Microsoft Windows, you will see how Linux Office Suites such as StarOffice and OpenOffice are not only powerful, but can save documents in the same file-formats as Microsoft Office (without the consumer having to pay hundreds of dollars for one suite). Thanks to Samba, Linux users can network their computers with Microsoft Windows computers and swap files seamlessly.

Just last year, "games" and "Linux" were rarely ever used in the same sentence. Companies like TransGaming and GarageGames will be on-hand to show that Linux is ready to play. TransGaming Technologies has made it possible for gamers to play Warcraft III, Grand Theft Auto 3, The Sims, Civilization III, Black and White, The Kohan and a lot more on Linux. GarageGames will be showing some of their 3D games using their Torque Engine. And Voodoo PC has sent down a bright red "F Class" custom PC. This machine is about as high-end as they come and will be running Unreal Tournament 2003. Anyone who wants to see how powerful Linux is should stop by these exhibits and see Linux in full-throttle.

Many of you will remember that two weeks ago I talked about mini-PCs being one of the hot new computer items of 2003. There will be some cool looking mini PCs on display at the summit, ranging from barebone systems to Lindows Media Computers. The Desktop Linux Summit is going to help put these 'go-anywhere' PCs on the map.

Hardware companies are really starting to show their support for Linux on the Desktop this year. Epson and ATI got the last two sponsorships this week, completely selling out every exhibit space at the summit. Epson sent a boat-load of their printers down to San Diego to show that making the move to Linux doesn't mean you have to sacrifice peripherals. Another company that will be in attendance is Ricochet -- makers of the high-speed wireless modem. If you haven't seen one before, the Ricochet modem is about the size of a small camera (they also have a PCMCIA model that's about the size of a credit card), it plugs into your laptop and in minutes you can be on the Internet (even if you are in the middle of a parking lot).

Major technology companies from all over are showing their support for Linux on the desktop. Leading internet service providers, Earthlink and Speakeasy, are sponsoring the summit along with major hardware manufacturers like ATI, Microtel Computers, Nova Computech, OPUS Solutions, StepUp Computing and VIA Technologies.

I'm looking forward to all the speakers that have arranged to present at the Desktop Linux Summit. There are going to be panels on home and entertainment, Linux in the business environment and in education. For all of you who won't be able to make it, I will let you know how the speakers were and how much synergy took place. For those of you who are coming, it's going to be a great event and I hope to see you there!

~Michael, Inc. is a proud sponsor of the Desktop Linux Summit to be held in San Diego on February 20th and 21st. Companies, schools and individuals interested in learning how to deploy Linux on the desktop and save money at home, in schools or in business should attend. To learn more, visit
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