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Two weeks ago we released version 2.0 of LindowsOS to our Insiders, confident that it was our most exciting release to date.  Now that our Insiders have had a couple of weeks to try it out, I thought it would be interesting to share what actual users are saying about LindowsOS 2.0.  Here are some very typical excerpts from the Insider's Forum discussing LindowsOS version 2.0....

"I just got it [2.0] installed and I have one word to describe this. WoW! Amazing job!"

~ A proud member of the Lindows revolution

"... I'm extremely excited. This release is GREAT. I have 'played' with computers since the Timex 1000. ... Seems MS always came out ahead, but this just may be the time my dreams are fulfilled. GO LINDOWS."  ~ Len

"This release is pure genius. I downloaded, installed and am running it without any problems so far! You guys are AWESOME. " ~ I am proud to be an insider from south Texas!

"... Wholly [censored]!!!! [2.0] is incredible...I couldn't believe it.  The first thing I did was to install a network printer. Wow..I couldn't believe the ease of it... next thing that I did was explore the network. wholly***... it's easier then win95/win2k ... Then the final test. I downloaded from Click-N-Run Yahoo Messenger, installed it...using LOS [2.0] was incredible..." ~ JRoth

"Lindows installed on my computer in 10 minutes. It detected and properly configured all of my hardware. ...My wife loves how easy and simple it is to use. This operating system is truly for everyone, from beginner to advanced users alike." ~ Rick

"I installed 2.0 on my Dell laptop in less than 15 minutes. All hardware was recognized and the pc works flawlessly. This week I left my 'XP' laptop at home and carried my Lindows laptop to all my customers sites to see how far I could get doing my job (Network Consultant). I attached to all their Microsoft networks, moved files around, printed on their printers and edited documentation all with Lindows and not a single Microsoft product...sweeeeeet !!!" ~ Kramsey

"Lindows [brings] Linux stability, security and attractiveness to the non technical person. Now ... anyone can enjoy the breath of fresh air that is Lindows. ... Lindows is unmatched by any competitor. Lindows is history in the making; Lindows OS is the future .. be part of it." ~ Michael from the UK

"...really love the look!... This has a much better 'look and feel', and seemed to be much easier to move around in. You've got my vote!!" ~ John

"LindowsOS 2.0 rocks! I've been running LindowsOS since Release 1.1.1, and the 2.0 release is a truly amazing improvement over all previous releases. Installation was a ten-minute breeze; LindowsOS 2.0 installed, rebooted, recognized all my hardware, and was ready to work as soon as it booted up. I configured my dial-up network connection in a matter of about a minute, downloaded two free programs from the Click-N-Run Warehouse, then pulled up Netscape and went to the Insiders Forums to get the latest news. This message is being written less than an hour after I began the LindowsOS 2.0 installation." ~ James

"Lindows is the first Linux OS I have been able to totally drop all Microsoft products for! " ~ Casper

"I have been a computer professional for over 26 years... We are truly impressed with the [2.0] interface and the choices that have been made with regard to the web browser, mail client, etc. ...Lindows is a key part of my company's IS strategy!" ~ Dr. Bill

"I'm so excited Lindows actually gets it. Instead of trying to convert the computing masses to Linux, Lindows is converting Linux to the computing masses." ~ Craig

Well, as you can gather, LindowsOS 2.0 offers a whole new interface and user experience with a tremendous amount of optimized functionality. LindowsOS is designed to work better in every business and home. (If you don't have LindowsOS yet, order now and you'll be able to immediately download it from our high-speed servers or order it on CD. If you're already a member, check your "my.lindows" account for the latest version.) 

ORDER NOW to receive immediate access to LindowsOS 2.0 and TWO years of Click-N-Run Membership.

Some press reviewers have also had a chance to take a look at LindowsOS 2.0 pre-installed on Wal-Mart $199 computers. Here is what they had to say:

"...overall feeling of a professional OS inside....It's similar to offerings from Microsoft and Apple, but in this case it includes ALL the software titles from Lindows on your computer. And I want to stress - it really works."

~ The world's first AOL computer? Gary Krakow - MSNBC

" interface features a more rounded graphical look, and more closely resembles Apples OS X than prior versions." ~ Lindows 2.0 Now Available Jim Louderback - ExtremeTech

"...inexpensive computer proved a joy to use in tests for this review......Instead of Windows or Mac OS X, this computer runs on an open source high-speed UNIX operating system called Lindows, which is just as intuitive as the top two and which costs almost nothing." ~ Low-cost computer a great catch James Coates - Chicago Tribune

"LindowsOS is impressive, concise, and's staying on my computer." ~ A Deeper Look Into LindowsOS 2.0 - Adam Scheinberg - OSNews

You can read the full articles at

Note: All of our Insiders will get free admission to  Desktop Linux Summit. Insiders also receive a TWO-year membership to the "Click-N-Run Warehouse" (a $198 value) for $99. You'll want to hurry though, as this offer ends with the General Release of LindowsOS later this year

As always, thanks for your support.

Michael Robertson

Please visit to answers questions you may have about LindowsOS or

LindowsOS and are trademarks of, Inc. Linux® is a registered trademark of Linus Torvalds. Microsoft® Windows operating system is a registered trademark or service mark of the Microsoft Corporation.


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