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Ads for Desktop Linux Coming To A TV Near You!

There's no better indicator of the mainstream populace than TV. Television captures the trends and interests of society like no other outlet. You've probably seen television ads for Linux servers from Big Blue (IBM) over the last two years. In one they show a dressed-down computer geek in a nearly empty server room saying he replaced the many old servers with a just a few Linux servers. That's great branding and education of what Linux can do.

Two new TV ads for desktop Linux computers are now debuting, which may do for desktop Linux what the IBM ads have done for Linux servers. (You can view these ads further down.) These professionally

Play the Sub500 commercial

Play the Elektra commercial
(4.8 MB requires Divx)

developed commercials will help educate consumers that Linux is ready for the desktop. When I started Linspire, many folks doubted whether Linux could be made user-friendly enough for desktop use. We've worked hard to make Linux point-and-click easy, and to remove this as a concern. Now what's of greater importance to the adoption of Linux is educating people who have grown up in a "Windows only" world, that full-featured alternatives exist and may even have advantages.

In North America, Sub500 is now running a fantastic tv spot stressing the affordability of Linux desktops. They're doing good business selling computers online, mail-order and through their newly opened retail outlet. Sub500 is committed to expanding their computer sales and are investing in a media campaign to make it happen.

South of the border, Elektra has a TV ad geared toward Spanish speakers. Because many Latin America homes are getting their first computer, Elektra is stressing that the machine is versatile enough to suit the entire family's needs. Elektra contacted us and said that they've sold out of the entire warehouse of Linspire computers, demonstrating

The Elektra Warehouse before they sold out (the red boxes are Linspire computers)
why we are so excited about desktop Linux in emerging markets.

Educating the world that desktop Linux is capable and practical will take more than just a couple of companies running TV ads. As the ground swell grows around desktop Linux, you can expect to see more companies following in the footsteps of vanguards like Sub500 and Elektra. Collectively they'll help expand the awareness of other choices.

If you're looking for a back to school computer or a new PC for your home or office, click here to see Sub500's current offer (Canada only; U.S. customers, click here to visit their U.S. store, Sub300).

-- Michael
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