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Our Sneak Preview is no longer vaporware - 4th Feb 2002

Dear Friend,

Not too many months ago, I sat around the "lucky table" my father-in-law gave me from his successful business days and hatched the plan for I felt the world was out of balance with one dominating operating system that was leading to expensive pricing, unfriendly licensing and depriving people access to lower cost computing. Microsoft has destroyed countless big and small companies who have embarked on similar missions, but I was in a fortunate situation to invest some resources and bring together a team whose mission was to bring choice back to computer users.

Naturally, as the plans of became public, we were labeled "vaporware," a designation reserved for products that people talk about yet don't exist. I like skepticism. It's a healthy trait that will serve you well throughout life. And the fact was, LindowsOS “WAS” vaporware. All of that changed last week with the release of our Sneak Preview.

We're not ready for public reviews, but a small group of our Insiders who have agreed to test early versions of our product on non-critical computers gained access to an early, very rough version of our technology. (Similar to a "sneak preview" of a movie, it's not the complete product, but you can get a feel for the end product.) For some Insiders, Sneak Preview didn't work at all and we're working with them to make sure it does work in the future. The world is a big place and only with the help of our Insiders will we be able to create a solid product.

For the many that were able to use LindowsOS, we believe there are some compelling features to note, even in this early version.

1) Easy installation - read what one Insider wrote:

From: Paul M.
Sent: Thursday, January 24, 2002 5:09 PM

Subject: Re: Insiders - Thank you for your patience

No need to reply, I just wanted you to know that the Lindows install went very smoothly. My grandma would have been able to do it (g).


Paul's comments above sum it up. For Microsoft® Windows® users, we have a specially tuned option called a "Friendly Install" which lets you experiment with LindowsOS on the same machine you currently run older Microsoft operating systems and switch back and forth. Click here for a screenshot. For those interested in learning about Linux® or seeing how their computer performs under a modern, stable operating system, there’s no easier or risk-free approach. No complex formatting, partitioning or other steps are required, because just restarting your computer lets you still run the old operating system. It’s a great way for first-timers to experience Linux. Microsoft Windows 98 users can simply double-click a file, click a couple of OK buttons, and 10 minutes later they're running LindowsOS alongside their existing operating system. Other versions of Microsoft Windows will install in a similar fashion, but will require starting the computer with LindowsOS in the CDROM drive. (The Sneak Preview version is not designed for Microsoft® Office XP®.)

If you have a computer without an operating system or one you don't mind erasing, you can install LindowsOS as the only operating system and it's just as easy....a couple of clicks and 10 minutes later you're ready to go.

2) Migration of important data

For those users doing a "friendly install", LindowsOS makes data from the Microsoft world accessible. On the desktop is "My Documents" and "C Drive" which give complete access to the files and folders previously on the machine via LindowsOS. In addition, essential elements like bookmarks, icons and email are moved and converted so their desktop is exactly like they want it, all automatically.

3) Run Windows-based business programs - Read what another Insider wrote:

From: Ranger D.

Subject: Re: Windows Compatibility Feedback Form

I am running Office 2000 Premium. Outlook 2000 doesn't work well yet [paraphrased], but other office apps work great. I love the work you guys are doing. Keep it up.

Running Windows-based programs is one of the most challenging features to build for LindowsOS, but one of the most exciting because its users can safeguard their investment and knowledge with their existing Windows-based programs. For those doing a "friendly install" (see #1) there will be an item in the “Launch” menu called "Windows Programs." View screen shot of Launch menu. From here you can attempt to launch programs you have installed prior to using LindowsOS. If you're doing an install which erases your entire hard disk, then you will need to install your Windows based programs before trying them out.

Some programs will work well and others will not work at all. Since we're focusing our efforts on productivity applications, those applications are most likely going to work at this early stage. So try Microsoft Office 2000 programs, Lotus Notes® and other business tools to check out this feature.

More exciting features are slated for the future as we move closer to version 1.0, which will we begin selling later this year. LindowsOS is not ready for use as your everyday desktop but hopefully Sneak Preview demonstrates that we've shaken the vaporware label and you will consider us in your plans for the future. Thanks for your patience and support as we work to bring choice back to your computer.

Michael Robertson
CEO of

Bring choice to computers: Become a Insider

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Programs Launch Menu

Dual Boot Menu

LindowsOS is a trademark of, Inc. Linux® is a registered trademark of Linus Torvalds. Microsoft® Windows® operating system is a registered trademark or service mark of the Microsoft Corporation.

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