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Forcing Honest People To Be Dishonest

Often times the rationale for using DRM is "keeping honest people honest". Perhaps that's true where a hurdle impedes people's behavior and steers them in a different path.

But what happens where there is NO legitimate path? That creates a blockade forcing people in a negative direction. It makes an honest person dishonest. For those who want on demand digital music, but want to own music and play it everywhere, they could only turn to underground channels. (Yes, you can order a CD and wait for it, but today's consumer wants everything NOW.) iTunes and Napster will give you music on demand but it's a rental model restricted by time or location. (Even Jobs admits people don't like to rent music .) Try to play that music from a web page, Linux computer, many MP3 players, Tivo, etc. and it will fail.

One of the most rewarding parts of AnywhereCD is hearing from users. And what many are saying is they want to pay for music, but they want to own it. They're honest people trying to be honest. Here's a representative email:

From: "Nxx Mxxxx"
Date: Thu, 12 Apr 2007 02:55:22 -0400 (Eastern Daylight Time)
To: "Michael Robertson"

Hurray for you Michael, you did it. Now we who want to be honest can be and that's marvelous. Thank you for your persistence.

Nxx Mxxxx

And there's been public articles about it too. Like Matt Hartley who wrote "Special rules, renting your music - it's all very silly in my eyes." and "I want to see the artists getting paid! ...Personally, I am going to make purchases from AnywhereCD and let this [dispute with WMG] work itself out."

Thanks for the support Matt and others. I want people to be honest too. I don't want them to use P2P because there's no other way to get music legally that they can own and play wherever they like. Now there's an option with AnywhereCD where honest people can remain honest.

-- MR

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