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Making Apple And Google Play Nicely Together

Making Apple And Google Play Nicely Together

It is no secret that Apple and Google are engaging in a battle royale. Steve Jobs has complained that Google has gotten into his business (iPhone) with their Android initiative. Now Apple is getting into online advertising as well. While competition is great, both companies would love to corral you into using only their products and services. Apple has their "walled orchard" where only fruit logoed devices (iPhone, iTouch, iPad) are able to play your music. One can assume that if/when Google launches a music service it will be partial to Android devices.

MP3tunes is engaging in some family counseling for Google and Apple so that consumers can mix and match products from Apple and Google and have them work seamlessly together. The initiative is called Buy Anywhere, Listen Everywhere. Here is a video which shows how to buy songs on Android and play them on Apple devices without ever having to cable the devices to a PC as everything happens wirelessly. Watch the videos:

Buy on Android - Listen on iPhone/iTouch (without syncing!)
Android to iPhone/iTouch

Buy on iTunes - Listen on Android (without syncing)
iTunes to Android

The Buy Anywhere, Listen Everywhere initiative doesn't stop at those two internet giants. With MP3tunes acting as the middle man, music fans can buy songs from all popular stores including:

iTunes, Walmart, AmazonMP3, Napster, Rhapsody, Zune, Shockhound, 7Digital, and others!

Then play their music on popular music devices including:

Ideally, users should be able to choose the best products and stores and use them interchangeably. I am an Android phone user but there are several iPod devices in the house and I want to listen to my music on all of them. This is an ideal application for a cloud service - one where your data is stored online and any device can connect to it. It is doubtful the net giants will provide such an open service as their business goals are best achieved by being bias to their own platform, however that is not what is best for consumers.

At a July 4th BBQ I heard some guests reminiscing about the first concert they went to which was Peter Frampton. I whipped out my Android phone, bought 2 songs. Minutes later I had Baby I Love Your Way and Do You Feel Like We Do blasting from the Logitech net radio (which was playing outside because it's wireless and battery powered) thanks to the MP3tunes cloud music service.


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